Here are a few things that may be helpful

Learning math can seem like a challenge.

Our goal is to make it easy for you.

Below are some helpful hints to get the most from Fast@Math and improve math skills.

1. Regular practice is essential. Studies continue to show that consistent and deliberate practice are essential to acquiring math skills. Fast@Math is constantly updating the site and adding exercises and features to help improve that experience.

2. Parental Involvement. The involvement and oversight of a parent or guardian ensures young users get the most from the engagement. Always supervise young users. Fast@Math takes many steps to ensure safety and the suitability of content for young users. We encourage regular conversations about what young users completed and their observations.

3. Register to Get the Most of Fast@Math. Fast@Math encourages users to track their progress and actions by registering on the site. Only through registration, can progress be recorded. Users can Register here. After registering users can see their progress and analytics at the Account Page.

With minor exception, all of the exercises are captured in the account page. As more features are added, it is our goal to include all actions in regular reports. To protect privacy, we request a minimal amount of identifiable information and complete with the laws of the USA, European Union, and Canada for privacy.

4. Feature development. You will notice that there are a number of features that are regularly added to the site. In the future, we plan to offer mobile versions of the site and improve its intuitive-feel. If you have recommendations, please contact us at Contact with recommendations or suggested improvements.

Thank you!

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